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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.





A non-standard contact centre office

When the first call centre companies appeared in the 90s, the office spaces did not offer the possibilities we have nowadays. The market of call centre companies which offer simple services has greatly evolved into the direction of specialisation and professionalization. Currently people working for call centres perform more varied activities and tasks than it was initially ‒ 8 working hours with a phone receiver. The change in the work style has been accompanied by some changes in the office space that is now supposed to support employees in carrying out their everyday duties.



Practical test winner: @-MOTION armchair

For a workplace at home, Warentest Foundation tested thirteen swivel chairs with armrests and synchronous mechanisms. The Nowy Styl Net Motion convinced the experts: with the overall GOOD score (1,9) in the quality rating, the chair was awarded the "best office chair" title. From the direct competition, Net Motion stood out above all thanks to its "best handling" feature. The foundation awarded Net Motion the "Practical Test Winner" title as well.

Orgatec 2012: Expect the unexpected