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We are handing you a new social report compiled by Nowy Styl Group. In this document we try to clearly show the progress our organisation has made in the area of sustainable development in the last two years.

Every day we act according to a defined mission that always concentrates on people. It is those people for whom we realise our projects in order to make their workplaces healthier and more comfortable. At the same time, we create a strong and ethical organisation for which development also means the development of its employees and the communities in which it operates. We know that our activity has a huge impact on the natural environment; that's why we constantly work on reducing our influence and undertake different actions that aim to neutralise it with future generations in mind.

On the pages of this report, we show in detail how we have taken into consideration the rules of sustainable development when implementing internal changes. We also present a detailed summary of the promises we made in the previous report.

We warmly invite you to read the report carefully!

Management Board of Nowy Styl Group

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In our first social report (2012‒2013) we promised to complete 15 specific tasks. We managed to carry out the majority of them, however there are still some promises we will be working on in the next years. The Management Staff Development project, Training Centre, new eco-friendly solutions in the areas of transport and production, new investments in research and development of acoustic products – these are only some of our successfully realised projects we write about in the report that will make a significant difference to our stakeholders.

Strategic aims

When preparing the report 2014‒2015, we defined our plans for the next years. We did this making use of our business strategy and perceiving its connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030. We analysed our key stakeholders' opinions gathered during dedicated research as well as during periodic client and employee satisfaction surveys. Their findings helped us define our strategic aims for each of the following areas ‒ the environment, our employees, our relationships with the market and local community ‒ and determine the tasks we promised to carry out, which can be found in the final version of our new report.

Responsible development

When building our relationships with people we focus mainly on their permanence and mutual trust.

We keep this in mind when creating our products. Their safety, ergonomic properties, environmental aspects and quality are tested in our internal laboratories and confirmed by numerous certificates issued by external institutions, the number of which is increased year by year. We invest a lot in research and development. We regularly implement constructional and organisational innovations in order to ensure our solutions meet the needs of the changing world and business environment.

Ethical standards

In addition to ensuring a high standard of our services and products, regardless of our client's location, we also wish to guarantee one, equally high ethical standard. Therefore, in 2015 we worked on new Nowy Styl Group's strategic documents that aimed to unify the ethical standards inside the Group's subsidiaries and in terms of their relationships with suppliers and partners. As a result, we have compiled a global "Nowy Styl Group Supplier Code of Conduct" and an internal "Code of Ethics" addressed to all the Group's employees. On the basis of the latter, we are going to appoint an Ethical Advocate who will be responsible for implementing the new principles and supervising employees' obedience to them.

Nowy Styl Group’s social responsibility strategy is a rare case in Poland of a local approach to global challenges. Nowy Styl Group was established as a local company and it was slowly becoming mature enough for global responsibility. I truly believe that by analysing the stages of its development, students at the management faculty and future business leaders will be able to understand that the implementation of solutions involving stakeholders and responding to specific needs and social problems has a huge influence on the quality of social capital, enhancing values associated with cooperation and realisation of the common weal.

PROF. ALK DR HAB. BOLESŁAW ROK Director at the Business Ethics and Social Innovations Centre,

Leon Koźmiński Academy

About the report

The Sustainable Development Report "CSR Code 2014‒2015" has been prepared in accordance with the international standard GRI G4. It includes the most important information about our relationships with:

  • ♦ employees,
  • ♦ clients,
  • ♦ suppliers,
  • ♦ local community,
  • ♦ natural environment.

The document has a global reach. We describe in it not only the overall influence the Group exerts (e.g. on the natural environment), but also the projects we realise locally: in Poland, where 73% of our employees work; in Germany, where 30% of the company's revenue comes from; as well as in Switzerland, Holland, France, England, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.

The data presented in the report and the methodology applied during its creation process have been confirmed during an external audit conducted by the Deloitte company.


Alina Szastok

PR and CSR Specialist

+48 510 005 355

Przemysław Różowicz

Marketing & CSR Manager

+48 510 005 424