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How can we reach the flow
in an office?

Composing, dancing, running, programming, writing and creating. Every activity can be performed with passion; every action can lead to experiencingflow. How can you reach this optimal experience at work? How can you create favourable working conditions that will facilitate the achievement of flow ? You can find the answers in our report „Flow at work” .

Is it possible to experience flow in an office?

Research clearly shows that people reach the flow state at work almost three times more often than during their free time (Csíkszentmihályi and LeFevre, 1989).

Flow is a psychological state strongly connected with the task that is performed by an individual at a particular moment. It is an optimal experience involving pleasure and great satisfaction (Csíkszentmihályi, 1975).

Flow with passion

An activity performed in the flow state results in increased satisfaction and efficiency.

You are concentrating fully. Your thoughts aren't racing. You don't think about anything else. You are totally focused on the task you are carrying out. Energy is flowing freely through your body. You feel relaxed, free and at the height of your power.

Free passion in your office

Create a favourable

> concentration zone

40% of managers are highly motivated, but the lack of opportunities to concentrate prevents them from reaching the flow state.

> communication zone

The possibility of communicating the goals of tasks quickly and receiving immediate feedback is crucial to achieving the flow state.

> cooperation zone

There is empirical evidence confirming the possibility of experiencing flow in a team. This state is achieved as a result of effective information exchange, which is considered the basis of good teamwork.

> office atmosphere

Positive social interactions at work, especially the signs of support from colleagues, are thought to aid in achieving the flow state more frequently.

Find out more in our report

„Flow at work" is a report that includes both theoretical deliberations and empirical investigations concerning the areas of motivation and occupational psychology. The report has been compiled by Nowy Styl Group and edited by Ewelina Adamus. It is based on the concept of flow defined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, contemporary research findings and practical experiences connected with workplace optimisation. It defines certain actions that should be undertaken by employers and employees in order to create favourable working conditions that facilitate the achievement of flow in their professional lives.


Optional fields

Does your office facilitate the achievement of flow?

Here are our ideas for an optimal office:

> workplace analysis

An analysis of space use and space efficiency; a definition of factors disturbing work.

> work style analysis

An analysis of employees' work styles and the company's character.

> consulting during the change management process

together with special training for the management board.

> design thinking workshops

Workshops engaging employees in the office rearrangement process.

> efficiency evaluation

An efficiency assessment of the changes introduced into the space and work styles.

> Support in space arrangement

taking into account the results of the conducted research and analyses, the current and future trends, as well as the corporate culture.


We have designed the Play&Work system for those who want to combine work with passion. The flexible solutions ensure creative space arrangement; intelligent technologies facilitate smooth communication and teamwork; and the homely and original design has a positive influence on employees' creativity at work. This system is a result of our further cooperation with the WertelOberfell design studio.


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