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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.


Inspired by nature / 100% Design

Hubbub, noise and commotion – an office is like a melting pot, in which different individualities clash in order to generate new value by working together. Nowy Styl Group creates an oasis of calmness – an office environment that is close to nature and where everyone feels as good as they do at home. You can experience this at the 100% Design fair, which will be held in London in September. We warmly invite you to visit our stand.

The home office design trend is one of the interior arrangement trends that responds to a need to create flexible workplaces. The climate of intimacy facilitates tasks that require concentration and reflection and increases employees' work comfort. The new furniture lines offered by Nowy Styl Group successfully combine home design with advanced functionalities created for business.


The Tauko chairs and tables combine design traditions from the 50s and 60s with a passion for attractive organic shapes. Based on a wooden structure, the furniture is available in many different finishes and colour concepts. Regardless of where it is placed – an office breakout area, hotel or home interior – the unique shape of the Tauko line draws people's attention and adds an exceptional character to every space.


Lovers of an eye-catching design and soft seats will not be disappointed by Nowy Styl Group's offer in Tapa. The Tapa pouf covered with 95% wool warms a company's image. It is also an intriguing colourful element that will spark a team's creativity. The designers of the new sofa have taken care it is made using a high quality woollen upholstery fabric: the material, which is produced in New Zealand, has undergone very demanding tests for abrasion resistance and is dyed using a special technology that ensures long-lasting colour.

100% Design = 100% inspired by nature

Tauko and Tapa are not the only new products that have been created by Nowy Styl Group for the 100% Design fair. The whole stand will be arranged according to the home office and organic design trends.
- Research carried out in Europe reveals that natural elements in an office act as a buffer that reduces stress and has a positive influence on users' well-being. That's why our new products feature wood and wool, and have pastel colours that create unique arrangements, says Magdalena Tokarczyk-Cyran, Nowy Styl Group's Marketing Director.
We entrusted Przemysław "Mac" Stopa with the task of designing our novel lines. We knew that he is good at designing products inspired by nature. For 20 years he has been creating office interiors and, being aware of our technological capabilities, he knows what kind of innovative solutions he can apply.

At our stand we will also present acoustic solutions – the Sand sofas, the Red Dot Award-winning Play&Work office furniture system, and the SITAGWAVE chair.

We invite you to visit us at stand W535. See you there!

21-24 September 2016
Olympia London

The Office Inspiration & Education Centre is being erected in Cracow

The Office Inspiration & Education Centre will be a completely new exhibition area in Cracow. There we will present the possibilities of our furniture solutions, hold meetings with our partners, discuss office trends, organise training courses and inspire others.

The building will consist of two floors, each of which will cover 400 m2. They will include areas based on the open space concept, meeting rooms and conference halls. The building will be our biggest salon in Poland. It will replace our current showroom located at 47B Radzikowskiego Street.

We initiated construction of the building at the beginning of the year. Its shape was designed by the Cracow design studio DDJM and inspired by the European Centre for Music in Lusławice, which is under our patronage and which is equipped with our acoustic chairs. Recently, we finished the second storey of the building. Installation work is currently underway, which means our experts will soon be able to start finishing works in the interior.

The opening of the showroom is scheduled for the end of the year.

Location: the intersection of Ojcowska and Radzikowskiego Streets, opposite the current headquarters of our company.

Change is everywhere

During the ASPIRE conference "The dragon wakes" in Cracow on 12 May there was a special discussion panel "Change is everywhere. Changing perceptions of workspace" led by Marta Badura, Workplace Research and Development Consultant at Nowy Styl Group. Experts in the field of HR, real estate and facility management combined forces to comprehensively analyse changes connected with the work environment and answer the question: what will the office of the future look like?

- One of the most important changes in the work environment is the change in the character and style of performed duties. More and more people are dealing with intellectual work, which means they are performing tasks that require creativity and commitment. Those tasks that are routine, repetitive and don't require any special engagement or knowledge are going out of date. Nowadays, employers are looking for so-called knowledge workers who set high requirements for their positions at work. We know from experience that the reason for implementing changes in an office is often to find a way to motivate the increasingly demanding employees who are no longer as motivated by financial incentives as they were several years ago, said Karolina Manikowska, Director of the Workplace Research and Consulting Department at Nowy Styl Group.

There has also been a change in the demographics of employees – age in particular. Because the working age has become longer, four different generations with completely different characteristics meet with each other in a contemporary office. Traditionalists, who often belong to the oldest generation, are employees for whom professional stability and respect towards their work and the employer hold the greatest value. Millennials, in contrast, are often known as self-assured fans of technology and flexible egoists. These two generations, which can have completely different approaches to work and different work styles, coexist in one office together with generation X and now more and more generation Z.

- Regardless of a positive or negative opinion on Millennials, it is advisable to accept the inevitability of demographic changes and learn quickly how to manage this diversity. Instead of wasting our time fighting with young people's work style and their approach to life, we had better talk to them and try to find a two-sided platform in order to make best use of their unquestionable potential, claimed Anna Piotrowska-Banasiak, Development Director at the Antal Polska company.

The feeling of belonging to a generation is juxtaposed with the ageless theory.

Joanna Nicińska, Leasing Manager, Echo Investment noticed: "we are talking about generational differences, whereas research clearly shows that there will be no generations in the future; we all will be as old as we will feel we are. The way we exist, our lifestyles, the way we dress – there are no longer any strict rules defined for particular age groups. Nowadays, the most important issue is individualism, which is sometimes collective individualism. Everyone wants to be treated individually and it doesn't matter whether they are 20 or 70 years old."

The need for flexibility

The feeling of belonging to a generation is strongly connected with a change in people's expectations. Sabre, the winner of the "Great Place to Work" award, operates as an IT company in a very competitive labour market.

- Currently the key word for us is flexibility. We want to work for the best and with the best. In order to attract talented employees and keep them in our company, we create offices in which people want to work. When creating a good workplace we not only listen to our employees' needs, but also ask them what their expectations are. We can say that nowadays workplace management means managing people's expectations, said Magdalena Walas, Senior Office Manager at Sabre Polska.

The need for flexibility is also confirmed by different surveys conducted by CBRE – the biggest consulting and investing company operating within the commercial building sector in the world.

- As our research findings show, people expect open spaces because the key aspect for them is the possibility to communicate and exchange ideas efficiently. On the other hand, they want to be given a change to move to a secluded place and perform undisturbed work. So the perfect office for a contemporary employee is a flexible office which can be adjusted to the needs of its users and which can support them in performing everyday duties, concluded Igor Czmyr, Associate Director at CBRE.

Is the office going to survive?

All the changes discussed during the panel session bring to mind the following question: will the office as we know it survive in the coming decades? It is possible that in the future we will all be so virtual that we won't need a company's headquarters in its physical form.

- There probably won't be any technological obstacles. Even now we can perform our tasks in the homeoffice way or the Bali office way. However, we still need a place that will be the centre of our meetings and synergy, commented Igor Czmyr. The same idea was shared by Karolina Manikowska, who said: offices will definitely survive because they perform a very important function – they are the knot of knowledge. An office is a place that embraces not only experience and the company's knowledge, but also values and all the aspects that stem from social reactions taking place in the real world.

Nowy Styl Group Selects Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

It will help to improve collaboration and processes, to develop innovative products and accelerate new product introductions.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a unified, digital environment to support and improve complex global product development processes related to prototyping, product configuration, design, market studies and multi-disciplinary collaboration. It also brings collaborative innovation to address data and processes for engineered products. Nowy Styl Group can implement design-for-cost strategies and launch products faster and in compliance with sustainability targets and safety norms. It can test and validate designs and simulate products in a virtual environment. Nowy Styl Group can ensure manufacturability early on, as well as leverage 3D representations of products and collaborative applications to communicate both internally and with clients.

- Each of our customers has specific needs requiring individual analysis, space planning and customized production and we pride ourselves on concepts that balance design and engineering - said Tomasz Bardzik, CTO, Nowy Styl Group. - Dassault Systèmes’ industry solution experience helps our technical departments, personnel, partners and suppliers better communicate and monitor and detect issues early in the development process to optimize product quality. These capabilities reduce development and manufacturing time and costs and improve our time to market.

- Innovative and dynamic hard goods companies like Nowy Styl Group can benefit from intuitive technology environments that offer a new experience in collaborative innovation for engineered products - said Susan Olivier, Vice President, Consumer Goods and Retail Industry, Dassault Systèmes. - ‘My Product Portfolio’ brings mechanical engineering, enterprise collaboration, production configuration and program management applications to imagine, design and deliver the right products to their customers.