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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.


Our new showrooms in Germany

We are strengthening our presence in our biggest market. We are opening two new showrooms in Germany – in Frankfurt-on-the-Main and Hamburg.

Our Group has already a few showrooms in Germany ‒ in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Steyerberg, Stuttgart, Munich and Ebermannsdorf. The new showroom in Frankfurt, which is located in AvD-Haus at Goldsteinstraße 237, was shown to our clients and partners on 28‒29 June. The showroom in Hamburg will be opened in September.

The showroom in Frankfurt-on-the-Main presents our solutions based on the Activity Based Working concept in a compact form – says Corinna Graf, Marketing Manager at the Group's German branch – On the area covering 320 m² you can find lots of inspirations for arranging an innovative and motivating work environment that will respond to the contemporary challenges in an effective and flexible way. The whole space has been divided into communication, concentration, administration, relaxation and entrance zones – she concludes.

What solutions can be found in our new showroom? A huge part of the showroom space is occupied by our product novelties that are characterised by excellent design, such as: the Levitate furniture system (designed by WertelOberfell) that responds to the home office design trend perfectly; Tauko chairs and tables (designed by Mac Stopa) that are perfect solutions for conference halls, training rooms and cafés; the award-winning Tapa system (designed by Mac Stopa) that, apart from the Hexa line, is our flagship product among soft upholstered furniture; exceptionally comfortable Panthera chairs (designed by Ray Carter) and Navigo chairs (designed by Oscar Buffon); as well as products by our Sitag brand that we offer in the German market – SitagInLine and SitagTeam. In our new showroom visitors can also find our award-winning Play&Work furniture system (designed by WertelOberfell) that offers the possibility of height adjustment and which has been complemented with the latest accessories. There are also two lines of wooden chairs ‒ Kaika Wood and Cafe Wood.

We present our innovative solutions in 30 different locations across the globe, e.g. in Paris, Brussels, London, Istanbul, Moscow and Dubai, as well as via our #OfficeVR application.

Nowy Styl Group ten years later

We are pleased and proud to present you the latest issue of the popular French magazine for architects Office et Culture. It includes an extensive and very interesting article about our company.

The relationship between Nowy Styl Group and the magazine can be described in one word ‒ historical. Ten years ago, in 2007, Alain Boisson, Publishing Director of Office et Culture, together with Jean-Paul Fournier, Editor-in-chief of the magazine, accepted the invitation to come to Poland from our French subsidiary. The guests visited our production plants and conducted an interview with Adam Krzanowski, President of Nowy Styl Group's Management Board. In December 2007 they published a 7-page article titled: "Nowy Styl ‒ a new furniture industry giant coming from the East, not very noticeable but extremely effective." In the article, the authors painted a glowing picture of our company. They also told readers our history and made an assumption that in ten years we would become one of leading office furniture companies in Europe.

The ten years have already passed and the French magazine sent its representatives to Poland once again to see what has changed in our company during this time. The guests, accompanied by Mikael Nigon ‒ Nowy Styl Group's Director in France and Dariusz Frydrych ‒ Operational Director and Board member at the Group, visited our factories in Jasło. They also conducted a new interview with Adam Krzanowski. Their visit has been described in the article published today. We invite you to read some of its fragments.

"During our first trip from Cracow to Jasło, where Nowy Styl Group's production plants are located, we had to spend many hours to cover the distance of 180 km ‒ almost every 100 metres we encountered some road works. This year, half of the route was a motorway, while the other half was a smooth road with an impeccable surface. We were under a similar impression when we saw the Nowy Styl Group's factories. Ten years ago they were located in non-plastered buildings that were the miserable remains of the socialist industry. Then we also saw the first production hall of new factories that was brand-new, yet empty. It was a sign of the company's future efficiency and the upcoming capitalism. This year the hall turned out to be one of many other halls with all workstations grouped that make up the office furniture factory that is considered the most modern production plant in Europe. Of course, we do not know all furniture factories in Europe, however this one has undoubtedly the most modern equipment and management systems of all the other factories we have visited before. It possesses first-class tools that show clients the company's scale of abilities and production capacity.

More interestingly, the Management Board's headquarters is still located in Cracow, in a modest building. In Adam Krzanowski's office the only thing that has been changed is the furniture" – write Alain Boisson and Jean-Paul Fournier from Office et Culture.

Office et Culture: How would you summarise the last ten years that have passed since our last meeting?

Adam Krzanowski, President of Nowy Styl Group: When I look back over the last ten years, I can say that we have come a really long way. It wouldn't have been possible without our stable internal development and successful external acquisitions (Grammer Office and Rohde & Grahl in Germany, Sitag in Switzerland). We are now a united Group with a long-term strategy and good financial results. Today we are certainly better than we were ten years ago.

What do your sales look like in terms of particular products and markets?

Our main domain is office equipment. In practice, in all of our brands the ratio of the chair sales to the furniture sales is 50:50, while in the market the ratio is usually 70:30. This means that we will potentially develop towards furniture. The two product groups that are most promising, due to the fact that they respond to the main trends in equipping office and public spaces, are table tops with electric height adjustment (65–115 cm) and lockers. Geographically, Germany represents 30% of our sales, Poland ‒ 19%, France ‒ 7% (equal to Benelux), Switzerland ‒ 12%, the rest of Europe ‒ 20%, and the rest of the world ‒ 5%.

When it comes to the sales turnover, in 2007 we reached €292 mln, while in 2016 ‒ €318 mln. This discrepancy is due to the fact that we have separated the business activity of our Russian subsidiary from the Ukrainian one. When we compare our turnover proportionally, we see that in 2011 we reached €242 mln, which makes up average annual growth of 12%.

How can you describe your position in France?

We have been present in the French market for fifteen years now. We realise 7% of our sales there, which wouldn't be possible without our team consisting of 25 people. (...) A few months ago we opened a showroom covering 400 m² that is located at the exclusive Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. We are gaining more markets and winning more tenders for local and international contracts, so this is not huge difficulty. The list of our latest project realisations includes, e.g. offices of the company DS Smith in La Défense, seats at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais stadium in Lyon, offices of the company Sonepar CGED in Montrouge and the company Capgemini in La Défense, as well as the headquarters of Gemalto in Meudon which was awarded the Arseg Gold Trophy.

How do you imagine Nowy Styl Group to be in ten years when we meet once again?

We intend to be indisputably considered the first furniture company in Europe. I think we will be no. 1 in terms of sales turnover, but we also wish to become a privileged international partner in all European markets – not only as a furniture supplier, but also as an expert in the workplace strategy. We already have a team of consultants in Amersfoort for the Dutch market. We have also started offering these services in Poland and we will gradually introduce them in whole Europe. However, we aren't hot-tempered, so we aren't going to develop these activities in haste neglecting their quality. We will also continue to offer product lines adjusted to particular markets and cultures. We see our future in the "medium" and "high" sectors, but we also intend to maintain our influence in the economic product market. We will first of all strengthen our position in Europe, including in particular the Scandinavian countries.

We are aware of our strengths and the directions in which our prospects are the best. We are going to continue the long-term strategy, which we have defined and which has proven to be successful for the last ten years, at our own pace.

Our product novelties also in the Czech Republic

The winner of the "Iconic Award" ‒ the system of pouffes Tapa, the Levitate furniture system, Formo and Sileo acoustic panels, SitagTeam chairs, and Tepee – these are the product novelties that have refreshed the look of our showroom in Prague. To celebrate this occasion, we decided to invite our clients and partners. We had a great time discussing our solutions and sharing knowledge of the contemporary design trends. We also organised an informal networking zone for our guests.

On 25th May we hosted our distributors and architects. The meeting began with a speech given by Petr Špaček and Dominik Jamroga. Then the architect ‒ Alina Fandelová from the NSG.CZ team (the company representing our organisation in the Czech market) told our guests about arranging offices divided into functional zones. The other speech was devoted to the aspects of office acoustics, including good design practices, the influence of noise on employees' efficiency and the process of testing acoustic properties of office interiors. Our guests had the chance to take a close look at Sileo and Formo wall panels that allow for reducing unfavourable acoustic phenomena in offices.

During the informal part of our meeting, we served our guests light refreshments and invited them to taste local beverage.

We would like to thank you all for a nice atmosphere and creative discussions. We invite you to individual meetings at:

Prague Office Park 1, K Hájům 2/1233
155 00 Prague

The power of experience

User experience – this term, which was initially used in the context of designing Internet websites and apps, is finding much wider application nowadays. We can more often hear about the candidate, customer or employee experience. So how has the approach to the process of designing services, products and spaces changed? Are the user and their experience really so important?

Every time we come in contact with new objects and spaces, we experience them in a particular way. People influence the objects they are surrounded with and the space in which they function. But it is also the objects and spaces that influence people and their way of functioning. Every contact with an organisation, whether it is the client‒contractor relation or the candidate‒employer relation during recruitment processes, generates a certain experience on the basis of which companies are evaluated.

More and more companies are beginning to understand that when designing any product or service it is necessary to take into consideration the people who will come in direct contact with it. Their positive or negative experience will build a particular image of a company among its potential clients, business partners and employees. That's why the products, services, processes and spaces we design must make allowances for their users' needs, desires and potential problems.

The power of experience in different contacts with an organisation was the subject discussed by the experts from Nowy Styl Group, Randstad and CBRE who participated in the discussion panel during the ASPIRE "The New Horizon" conference.