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Our stadium chairs will be produced in Qatar

Coastal Trading and Contracting, a group company of Qatar based business Coastal Qatar, has entered into an agreement with our company ( in the range of Forum Seating brand), for the manufacture of stadium seats in Qatar. Under the agreement, Coastal will setup a manufacturing facility in Qatar for the manufacture of stadium seats with technology transfer from Forum Seating. The company aims to capture the demands for stadium seating in Qatar with exports to MENA region and Asia.

Coastal is a Qatar based conglomerate and operates companies with varied interests in the areas of construction, steel fabrication, galvanizing, trading in architectural products and in healthcare. Coastal steel division has a fully equipped 20,000 Sqm fabrication facility capable of fabrication of heavy structural steel. The company’s galvanizing facility is the most modern galvanizing plant in Qatar compliant to EN standards and has one of the largest zinc kettles in the area. The sports division has a full range of products required for outfitting of sports arenas. The group has been a key player in the Qatar construction sector and has been actively involved in projects like the Qatar National Museum, Aspire Stadium, Hamad International Airport, Khalifa Stadium, Qatar Foundation, etc.

Portfolio of our Forum Seating brand includes auditorium seats designed for concert and lecture halls, cinema and theatre armchairs, stadium seats and telescopic tribunes. Forum Seating equipped all Polish stadiums for the 2012 European Championship in football, stadiums for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, two stadiums for the 2016 European Championship in France and many more facilities around the world.

- We are extremely delighted to be the first world class stadium seat manufacturer in the region and contribute to the Emir’s 2030 vision to diversify Qatar’s economy - stated Nishad Azeem, Group CEO, Coastal Qatar. - Our objective is to make the product sustainable and reduce our carbon foot print. The ‘Made in Qatar’ seats will source the raw material locally and form the GCC region. The aluminum for the seat frames will be sourced from Qatalum and extruded by a local company, the steel frames will be fabricated at our fabrication facility and galvanized at our plant - he further added.

- The technology partnership with Forum Seating will allow Coastal to manufacture our award winning spectator seats used in the major stadiums across the world to be manufactured in Qatar and put Qatar on the export map - said Jakub Rachfalik, Forum Seating Business Line Director.

Coastal manufacturing facility is expected to begin production of seats by first quarter of 2017. The facility will also manufacture other products for export and products that are currently being imported to the country.

Picture: Jakub Rachfalik, Forum Seating Business Line Director, with Coastal Qatar representatives (from the left: Emad Izmegna – Sales Manager, Nishad Azeem – CEO and Junu Chandy Kurian – General Manager).

We are a partner of the BSS Forum

We have become a title partner of the BSS Forum – a meeting of the modern business services sector, which intends to become the biggest industry event in Poland. The conference will be held in Lublin on 31st January.

The BSS Forum is an international conference that will be attended by 300 representatives of the Polish and foreign enterprises and public sector institutions. They will discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities that companies from the business services sector are facing nowadays.

Our BSS market experts will take part in two sessions:

  • "HR as the main pillar of the BSS industry" – Marta Badura will hold a discussion on the employment methods in the BSS industry and the challenges of working in a multigenerational office with representatives of GoldenLine, Human Concept & Solutions, DataArt Lublin and Grupa Progres.
  • "European real estate market" – Sebastian Osuch's partners in the discussion will be representatives of RICS, CBRE, Echo Investment and Centrum Zana.

For the Forum guests, we will arrange 3 meeting zones ‒ #People, #Process and #Place in the Conference Centre in Lublin.

A detailed conference programme is available at

The BSS Forum is organised by Pro Progressio ‒ a Foundation that deals with developing the modern business services sector in Poland. In 2016 our company together with Pro Progressio conducted a series of meetings titled "Outsourcing Breakfast." The Foundation was also acclaimed the best business environment organisation by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in 2016.

Iconic Awards 2017: Home office design wins

The Tapa poufs and the Levitate furniture system are not associated with typical corporate interiors. Despite that, they became icons of this year's office design. Last Sunday the German Design Council awarded Nowy Styl Group the Iconic Awards 2017 for these two products.


The Tapa poufs belong to a small group of the "Best of Best" Iconic Award: Interior Innovation products. Designed by Przemysław Mac Stopa according to the idea of modularity – one module consists of an "island" and movable poufs that rotate on a common pivot. The modules can be freely arranged and upholstered in different colours, which allows for creating unique furniture pieces in any interior.

Covered with wool, Tapa warms up a company's image and is an intriguing element. The manufacturers of the new sofa have taken care it is made using a high quality upholstery fabric: the material, which is produced in New Zealand (Synergy, 95% wool), has undergone very demanding tests for abrasion resistance and is dyed using a special technology that ensures long-lasting colour.


The furniture system Levitate was awarded the Iconic Award: Interior Innovation – Selection mention.

Nowy Styl Group's latest furniture system, designed by the WertelOberfell studio, allows employees in an office to feel as if they are at home. At the same time, it is fully functional and ensures effective space arrangement. Wood is the leading element of the system's design. Freestanding desks, workbenches and high tables for holding quick meetings are characterised by an eye-catching A-shaped leg. The Levitate system creates a home-like atmosphere by offering a wide choice of colours and finishes. Panels are upholstered with natural woollen fabrics, and the interesting melamine palette offers a wide range of possibilities in creating individual arrangements, which are not always typically office-like. Levitate is suitable for arranging not only small, cosy and home-like offices, but also big office spaces based on the open space concept with all the necessary work zones.

Home office design?

– There is an artificial border between office and home products. We believe that some of them can be successfully applied to both spaces and should be adjusted to the user, not to the interior – claim Jan Wertel and Gernot Oberfell, designers of the Levitate system. – We spent a lot of time developing accessories for the Levitate system, so that they can be easily added, moved and removed depending on the user's individual needs. Moreover, the use of materials and finishes we often associate with home furniture gives the office a feeling of warmth and friendliness.

The home office design trend is not a temporary fashion; it is a consequence of changing working habits, the needs of new generations of employees and the new role of an office. Thanks to the dynamic development of technology, people can work in different places. Because of this, the borders between work and private life are slowly blurring. The way to increase employees' engagement and efficiency has changed as well. According to research, natural materials such as wood and wool act as a buffer that reduces stress and has a positive influence on employees' well-being.

Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation is the first international competition that combines the worlds of architecture and furniture designing. The international jury consists of experts in both fields who assess products taking into consideration their functional and design aspects. The competition is organised by the German Design Council.

Smart chair for smarter office @CES2017

The Navigo Smart chair is the first product in a smart office solution; optimizing workplaces ergonomics and creating new and exciting possibilities to enhance employee well-being, increase productivity and decrease work related illness. The smart chair product and smart office vision are displayed for the first time at the CES2017 following a cooperation between Nowy Styl Group, Gemsense and DSP Group. Come and experience Navigo Smart chair and smart office solution at CES.

Navigo Smart is a modern swivel chair, enhanced by Gemsense's RED AMBER sensor IoT Platform and powered by DSP Group’s ULE technology. There are four main functions of the chair:

  1. Monitoring the set-up of the chair
  2. Monitoring the behaviour of the person using the chair
  3. Physical environment monitoring
  4. Seat occupancy monitoring

For all the functions that we developed, there is a simple and strong explanation:

Ergonomy - spine problems as well as wrist and cardiovascular disorders resulting from unhealthy sitting are the most common diseases of civilization.

For many years we have been trying to create more and more ergonomic chairs and furniture because we know that employees' health is a factor companies have to invest in. When we finish arranging a new office, we often educate users on how to fully use its functionality, organise training courses and show them how the new equipment should be operated. Despite all this, during everyday work it turns out that a vast majority of them do not sit on their chairs according to the principles of ergonomics – says Piotr Wróblewski from Nowy Styl Group, co-creator of Navigo Smart.

Reminding employees about a healthy body posture on a current basis seems to be the best idea to develop good habits.

Office space optimisation – the chair monitors occupancy, time spent daily at the desk and make analysis on the working style of individuals and whole teams.

Comfortable working conditions - according to studies, 87% of employees claim that temperature is an important or very important condition shaping their comfort of work.

Utilities and services optimizations - The chair is one element in the smart office environment. It can give useful and very precise information on what the conditions are in the office. Records from a smart chair may be transferred directly to a building automation system.

Embedding sensors in the different accessories and objects we interact with, allows constant streaming of office metrics, both to the user's phone and cloud services.

The Navigo smart chair leverages key ULE attributes including high-fidelity, superior range, and ultra-low power consumption, which allows battery-operated devices such as the bait systems to work for years. DSP Group, provides chipset solutions that leverage the company's extensive expertise in wireless communications and its comprehensive DECT and ULE product portfolio.

We are thrilled with the solid traction and interest in our ULE technology offering,- said Tali Chen CVP corporate development, DSP Group - ULE technology is the optimal standard to embed in a variety of solutions ranging from smart home to industrial, smart city and now also in smart office offerings.

We envision the smart office as a major market in the IoT industry, we see the need among many employers and organizations who are struggling to implement smart metrics from the work environments and/or tools and we're helping them build up strong offerings and great products in close cooperation with industry leaders – said Avi Rabinovich, CEO, Gemsense.

Navigo Smart chair will be demonstrated in the DSP Group private suite at the Marriott Courtyard @CES2017.