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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.


     By using new technologies it strives to make work lighter for its customers: sales people, architects and interior designers. With an application for mobile devices you can easily and intuitively discover the product range of all 5 of Nowy Styl Group's brands:Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Grammer Office, Forum Seating and Baltic Wood.

     To ensure customer satisfaction the Group has created a tool that adapts to users' individual needs, makes presentation of the product range simpler and allows you to find the product you are interested in amazingly quickly. 

     With the intuitive interface, the extensive information and the flexible content of the application, today a tablet can replace a mass of heavy and inconvenient marketing materials. The use of the new electronic medium is environmentally sound too. Thanks to the application it is possible to significantly reduce the printing of regular marketing materials. With the automatic update function customers can be notified about important changes or expansion of product range in real time. 


     Please feel free to download the application "nowystylgroup" available on Apple Store. 

The application is available for devices with the iOS (iPad and iPhone). 


The Group guarantees it will update contents and add functionalities on a regular basis. Android users can rest assured: the Android version of the application will become available after New Year. 

      Admittedly, this huge event has been guiding the development of the whole industry for many years. This time too the diversity of products exhibited by manufacturers had to be impressive. A clear turn was noticeable towards customers' individual likes, or actually a continuation of trends we observed at last year's Orgatec. The most important thing is clearly visible:  tailored and customized solutions in the area of the form and function of furniture. This is a path the Nowy Styl Group has also been following.

     Even though our stand was entitled Expect the Unexpected, we meant to meet the most extraordinary expectations. We therefore showed also non-standard solutions as well as a wide range of services to our customers.

     Were our expectations right? Please visit our picture gallery: the number of visitors exceeded our most daring expectations.Thank you!

 Even in the hustle and bustle of an office we sometimes listen out for the sound of silence and try to find a place to rest. Kaika's tulip-like embrace seems to be an invitation to the world of nature, because nature gave inspiration for its flower-like shape. This nature-inspired shape echoes in one generation of designers after another and determines Kaika's timeless character. The full colour palette makes space arrangement a true pleasure: after all, a pinch of colour madness is okay in the world of plants!

In Kaika's company Dallas looks dignified. The product line was made from top quality materials giving the classic look a modern air.  Dallas was made for attentive followers of the latest trends who will certainly appreciate the sofa's simple cubist contour. Accept the invitation once and you will understand that elegance does not need to mean giving up comfort.

Ability to listen is essential for a good meeting. We listen carefully to our customers and it is their needs that got us to create the new line Victoria. We focused on discreet lines and classic design. The smart shape of the upholstered Victoria seat will excellently complement the space of a conference room or lounge. The simple industrial lines were softened by detaching the seat-integrated armrests from the backrest. This small trick was enough to give Victoria's shape a certain amount of lightness, the impression made even stronger by the sled or single leg base.

Let's meet – it's that simple.


 CX 3200 is like a kaleidoscope: it gets spaces to live and develop together with their users. It is a tool you can use to easily give those changes the desired direction.

  The CX3200 line is composed of units that can be freely configured to change the shape and size of the structure to your current needs. This intuitively operated system consists of curved tops and linking units with a variety of sizes and radiuses.  It takes just a few clicks to reduce the number of legs at a joint or connect rectangular tops with a special linking unit, so as to completely transform the arrangement of an interior.

CX 3200 offers a full range of options for imaginative users – only creativity limits your next step. All you need to do is think: what is it that your space needs today? CX 3200 will tell you how to achieve that.

      For more information, please visit, download our application available in AppStore or follow us on