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Adam Krzanowski – Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014!

We are pleased to share with you the success that Nowy Styl Group and the furniture industry celebrates today. Adam Krzanowski, the President of Nowy Styl Group Management Board - was named as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014. Competing against other leading entrepreneurs he has been recognised as the outstanding candidate from the 14 finalists of the Polish edition of the competition.

Adam Krzanowski secured the victory in the competition thanks to a considered strategy that he has been implementing consistently for many years, together with his brother Jerzy Krzanowski. Nowy Styl Group, led by Adam, is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Europe. Its strategy combines a model of long-term investments in its portfolio, with the acquisition of already successful brands.

Known globally as the leading business awards programme for entrepreneurs, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year identifies, profiles and celebrates entrepreneurial trailblazers, regardless of sector, for their dedication to excellence, innovation and ingenuity.

Entrepreneur Of The Year is the only global business recognition program held on six continents in more than 50 countries and more than 140 cities around the world. The Jury is fully independent from EY (Ernst & Young - the organisers of the project), decides on the winners, taking into account the same 6 criteria, which include: Entrepreneurship, Strategy, International Activities, Innovation, Relations with employees and the communities. It is by respecting these consistent rules, identical in all participating countries, that entrepreneurs from around the world receive the same opportunity to win the World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Award.

The winner of Polish edition of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year will join the Jury of next year’s edition and he will go on to participate at World Entrepreneur Of The Year in Monte Carlo in June 2015.

Moreover, only a day before Adam Krzanowski and Jerzy Krzanowski were honoured the Gold Cross of Merit by the Secretary of State in the Polish President's Office, for their outstanding impact on the development of indigenous entrepreneurship.


Nowy Styl Group is developing at an amazing pace!

We are pleased to inform you that our business activity has once again attracted the foreign press. This time we can proudly tell you about an article published by a very prestigious magazine "The Economist" concerning Polish companies that operate internationally. In this article special attention has been paid to the development of Nowy Styl Group and its successful economic growth on western markets. In the latest issue of the magazine you can read about a few companies that in recent years have been consistently developing their positions in Poland and in turn have managed to become known also on foreign markets.

Nowy Styl Group has been mentioned as one of such companies together with the following enterprises: Comarch, InPost, Pesa, KGHM and Grupa Azoty. We are happy and proud that the achievements of our company have been appreciated by such an authority.

However, the article titled "Growing Polish Apple" has focused mainly on the fact that despite the great success we have achieved abroad, we are still only a notable exception in Poland. We really hope that in a few years' time this situation will change and the Polish economy will be so developed that we will no longer be described as a curiosity but as one of the first exporters coming from the strong, dynamic and constantly developing Polish market.

The original, English version of the article published by "The Economist".

Polish versions of the article:

After the Orgatec Fair 2014 in Cologne

Another edition of the Orgatec Fair is behind us! For the tenth time, Nowy Styl Group had the great pleasure of meeting hundreds of customers and contractors at the most important event of the furniture industry. This year's fair was unique for us because, first of all, we showed our modern office concept on an enormous area 1200 m2. For the first time, under the umbrella of the Nowy Styl Group, we presented solutions from the newest brand in our portfolio – Rohde & Grahl. We also unveiled the pillars on which our constant development is based, the elements of Nowy Styl Group's DNA code that support our successes on the market.

This year we recorded an unprecedented interest. Just as in previous years, the people who visited our booth were mostly from Germany, France, the Netherlands, England and Russia. They expressed positive opinions about our stand. Thanks to them, we know that our customers were highly impressed by our furniture solutions as well as our booth project.

The furniture solutions that aid in creating spaces that support collaboration, communication and concentration were the most dominant trends at this year's Nowy Styl Group stand. According to the CoreNet Global report, collaboration is sure to be the most crucial aspect determining office space arrangement in the future. Nowadays it is being noted that typical, individual work at ones desk is only a minor part of each employee's professional activity. That is why open-space and touch down areas supporting collaboration are extremely popular. Nevertheless, we must remember that some tasks still need to be focused on and time out needs to be taken to complete these, so we still need areas and spaces that will allow us to concentrate . Bearing this in mind, at this year's fair we also presented our silence rooms designed for focused work. Another important trend is the growing role of meetings, especially informal ones.

The newest of the products that attracted a great number of customers was our Play&Work furniture system designed by the WertelOberfell studio. It combines all the elements necessary to create working conditions that ensure effective teamwork. The system, thanks to the possibility of integrating desks with various cabinets, allows us to create isolated spaces supporting concentration.

To satisfy the need to create zones for informal meetings, we have created another product – The Hexa Wall. It is a seating system connected with a media wall supporting its acoustic properties. Another advantage of the Hexa Wall is the possibility of holding small presentations and teleconferences that are often vital in terms of working in corporate office environments.

At this year's fair we also presented a Nowy Styl Group hot desking solution including desks with individual height adjustment and lockers that allow employees to store their personal items while working at a shared desk. Nowy Styl Group's stand perfectly reflected the Task Facilitating Working Environment trend that aims at creating spaces for different types of work (including Collaboration, Concentration, Communication)which can be used by workers depending on the task they perform. The research we carried out in connection with project implementation for the ASML company as well as other external studies showed that the switch from traditional work style to the TFWE one improves employees' productivity and increases their job satisfaction. Taking this into consideration the current specific situation, i.e. the fact that 4 generations of employees work together within 1 office – the process of implementing these trends in every organisation seems to be the biggest challenge for our customers.

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Orgatec 2014 - You don't want to miss it!

It’s time! Once again we have the honour to meet you at the biggest furniture industry event in the world. We cordially invite you to visit our stand during the Orgatec Fair: 21th to 25th of October, Hall 7.1 no. 029-031.

The Fair is an opportunity for us to present our latest solutions that fully reflect that we are still evolving. Now for the first time Nowy Styl Group is presenting its solutions together with the newest brand in its portfolio – Rohde & Grahl. We present up to 1200 m2 of office solutions that inspire. While designing this year’s exposition, our company has taken various trends and studies connected with the modern office into consideration. The Group’s intention has been to show customers the complexity of its offer and the best design.

What is more this year at the Orgatec Fair we are presenting our new philosophy, unique DNA Code that makes our company a reliable and valuable partner. This is the complex idea that describes the quality of our business relations and stability of their effects. An arrangement of features perfectly defines the Nowy Styl Group’s attitude to customers and the market.

If you are curious about a great evolution of Nowy Styl Group and our stand, we would like to invite you to follow our actions through Social Media channels in the coming week as well: