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Lego brick-like auditorium

In December, the new Concert and Congress Hall ‘Jordanki’ in Torun was opened. The mobile auditorium is an innovative and multifunctional solution that we created specially for this building. It ensures the hall can be freely and flexibly arranged depending on the requirements of a particular concert, play, fashion show or conference. The exceptional flexibility is provided by tribunes divided into several dozen modules of up to 5.5m high. Particular elements can be combined and built in different configurations, just like Lego bricks. The elements are easy to move because they are light and have self-turning castors.

The tribunes are equipped with Polyphony armchairs designed by Tomasz M. Konior. This model can be also found at the headquarters of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.

The characteristic shape of the Multifunctional "Jordanki" Concert Hall is an artistic vision of Spanish architect Fernando Menis. In October 2008 he won an international architectural competition, beating 21 rivals. His studio Menis Arquitectos prepared a detailed project of the Hall. In autumn 2010 the Multifunctional Concert Hall "Jordanki" project was acclaimed at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona as the best Future Culture Project.

25-26/11/2015 – Workplace Meetings in Cannes

The format of the meetings in Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes creates perfect conditions for talking business and inspiring each other.
For the second time, the representatives of Nowy Styl Group are going to take part in this event in order to present the possibilities offered by our solutions and answer the questions asked by designers and those seeking comprehensive solutions to their offices.
Our guests will be invited to sit on the highly comfortable SAND and HEXA seats.

More detailed information and the whole conference schedule can be found at

We are changing the history. The Congress Hall is under renovation.

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is the highest and the most recognisable building in Poland. For 60 years its Congress Hall has been visited by celebrities and VIPs from around the world. A very important decision to renovate the hall has been taken recently. One of the most important stages of the renovation process is the replacement of 2,880 chairs located at 3 different levels. It is a huge challenge and we are happy to take it up.

The designers and constructors of our Forum Seating brand are going to reconstruct the 60-year chairs according to the Monument Conservator's guidelines. To adjust our chairs to the new fire protection regulations, we are going to redesign the auditorium and modify the dimensions of our seats.

Effect: armchairs combining functionality, safety and the original design.

However, this is not the only effort we are going to make. Other important elements we are paying great attention to are the acoustic properties. We have selected the top quality materials and adjusted them to the specificity of the hall, which has helped us design an auditorium with excellent sound absorbing properties. The proper acoustic module combined with the right design has increased the sound absorbing parameter to a great extent.

The renovation works are still in progress. Our factories are working at full steam. The result of our efforts – the renovated Congress Hall – will be seen next year.

Experience an ergonomic workplace at A+A in Düsseldorf

Workplace ergonomics is one of the core topics of the upcoming edition of the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf. We will use our "Play&Work" furniture system to show how to arrange an ideal office space, perfectly adjusted to the individual needs of its users.

A+A is the biggest world-famous trade fair devoted to safety and health at work. This year special attention will be paid to the subject of ergonomic workstations. Experts in this field will define them during the conference which will accompany the fair, while the "Ergonoma Journal" magazine will set its "Ergonomics Village".

The "Play&Work" system is our response to the requirements concerning an effective workstation.

"Play&Work" is both functional and ergonomic: the designers from the studio WertelOberfell are known for their skill in combining harmonious design with technical functionality. In this way, the variety of the system fulfils the individual requirements of different working areas as well as employees’ own personal needs. "Play&Work" – is a furniture system which perfectly meets the needs of dynamic enterprises. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, it can be adjusted to individual users and aid in developing modern organisations.

We invite you to visit our stand!
A+A 27–30.10.2015
hall 10, booth A37