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#MYoffice? Minimalist office in Scandinavian style

Minimalism is a very popular term today, meaning not only a style of interior design but also an actual lifestyle.

The motto that captures the spirit of minimalism pretty well is "less is more," expressed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Less is more, so it is best to get rid of everything you do not need. Regarding spaces, this means getting rid of all kinds of decorations and ornaments, while retaining everything that is functional and indispensable.

Minimalism relies on bright colours which, combined with a small number of furniture pieces, make an interior look larger. By contrast, the simplicity of the interior is emphasised by some colourful elements.

The Scandinavian style stems from minimalism, but it is also warmed up by natural materials, geometric patterns and pastel colours. A simple and orderly interior will not distract the employee or draw them away from work. With its economical form it is still cosy, thanks to the natural materials and a generous amount of sunlight.

If you agree with the statements concerning your company presented below, this style can fit into your office:

- People often perform work that requires concentration and all unnecessary accessories distract them.
- The value is transparency (clarity) of both actions and space.

Anna Marszałek, Senior Workplace Research & Spaceplanning Consultant

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