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#MYoffice? Modern, high-tech and futuristic style

My first association with office spaces referred to as "futuristic" is that of the Jetsons' ‒ minimalist, often monochromatic spaces in which technology plays the leading role.

It does not necessarily have to be electronic appliances, but e.g. materials which in no way refer to tradition. There is no wood or bricks, but there is glass, metal and all kinds of plastics. Surfaces are smooth, usually with no textures. Unconventional lighting, such as LED strips embedded in the floor, is often an element that emphasises modernity.

This kind of interior resembles a machine ‒ a programmed, precision mechanism with no room for chaos. Every detail is thought out, so home accessories or an artistic mess do not fit in here.

An office furnished in this style will reflect the modern character of the company that keeps up, or actually runs ahead of global trends. Employees "suited" for this kind of interior would be specialists who put professionalism and precision in the first place.

If you agree with the statements concerning your company presented below, this style can fit into your office:
It values innovative technologies and solutions.
It builds its external image as a progressive and innovative company.

Anna Marszałek, Senior Workplace Research & Spaceplanning Consultant

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