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Social responsibility

One of our business objectives is to keep an established position on the market. The key to achieving this is building relations with people, both employees who form our company and the external environment.

We develop our company by communicating with the local community, customers and contractors. We are fully committed to the strategy of integrating economic and social development at the local level. Our development strategy for foreign markets is adapted to their local specificity.

In 2012 we joined the Global Compact initiative, thereby agreeing to comply with international standards of corporate responsibility. We are a reliable and trustworthy business partner.


As an employer with significant influence in the region we share the responsibility for the shape of the local job market. We see respect, fair treatment, adherence to labour law regulations and caring about employee safety at work as the foundation of our relations with employees. We care about our employees and their career development, regardless of gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and social origin. Our ethical principles are set forth in our Code of Conduct.

In 2013 our efforts for the benefit of our employees were awarded with the nationwide title Reliable Employer 2013. This award has confirmed our model approach to HR policy, which translates into the quality of our products and services on the demanding Polish market.

Local community

Our commitment is not limited to developing the local jobs market. We engage in active cooperation with the local community and support civic initiatives in education, culture, sports and environmental care.

The Nowy Styl Group and its management have always paid special attention to the development of their region. Podkarpacie is the place we come from, where we started off as a tiny company in Krosno. Today we have offices around the world but the landscape our first employees could see from their office windows will always be dearest to our hearts. This is why we invest in the development of that region and its inhabitants. We help them, we are with them in difficult moments and rejoice over our joint successes.

We also fund scholarships for the most talented young people, cooperating with the Janusz Korczak Foundation in that area. Together we help them pay for university courses, language training as well as extracurricular classes. We help to arrange summer and winter holidays for children.

We hold Open Days and Children's Days for our employees and their families in our manufacturing plants. We help those in need by integrating our employees around important issues, such as the Szlachetna Paczka charity campaign. We provide furniture and chairs for institutions in the region, where they are most needed.

Charity ball

Every year in January we organize a New Year's ball for children from educational and childcare institutions from the Podkarpacie region. 150 children were invited to the first ball we organised, while this year we had over 1,060 guests, including more than 250 children with disabilities. The event, unique in the entire region, is an opportunity to have a great time but also to integrate and learn. Every year we prepare plenty of attractions and gifts for the invited institutions. The gifts are based on demand for equipment or funding of rehabilitation trips, renovation and equipment reported by the institutions in advance. As a result, our support is always 100% spot-on. The total value of all gifts presented this year reached PLN 100,000!

Charity ball

New Year's balls have already become a tradition in Krosno. Thanks to them, children from educational and childcare institutions from across the region have the opportunity to have fun, integrate and detach from their daily, often sad reality.