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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.


Vote® – development in perfection

The Vote® chair family creates contrasts and offers a wide range of equipment variants to suit individual requirements, harmoniously combined with visual, ergonomic and ecological features. Because tastes vary as much as sitting habits.

The essential design element of the swivel chair is the specially developed mechanism, whose flat build merges functionality with ease of use and is at the same time an integral part of the form language used by Vote®. The synchronous mechanism supports dynamic sitting and optimises the user's movements. Another unmistakeable feature of Vote® is its distinctive back support.

The flexibility and individuality of the design as regards seat comfort extend to the backrest, which is available in four versions:

  • VOTE® shell – the ecological one. This model proves persuasive from the word go, and not just because of its attractively shaped outline. Featuring upholstery and a designer shell in black or white – which offers additional impact resistance and is also scratch-resistant – the amount of material used is kept to a minimum. All steel and aluminium components in VOTE® comprise 70% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable.
  • VOTE® Frame & Frame+ – the stylish ones. The unusual design is accentuated by the select colour scheme, giving Vote® Frame with its transparent mesh back a light and comfortable appearance.The back section of Vote® Frame+ is upholstered and preserves the characteristics of the light backrest frame and sleek outline; for fans of upholstered backrests, Frame+ is exactly the right choice. The distinctive design element of both versions is the stylish, innovative backrest frame, available in a choice of black or white.
  • VOTE® twin-back – the ergonomic one. With its characteristic split backrest design based on the famed duo-back principle of the Rohde & Grahl brand, Vote® twin-back is not only distinctive for its unusual shape – which gives the chair a fully new expression – but above all, it supports the user ergonomically by giving him added comfort, particularly when seated.

The 3D accentuated texture creates attractive, coloured contrast stripes in both the seat and the backrest, resulting in a maximum level of flexibility in coloration, while still displaying a convincing degree of environmental compatibility: unlike in conventional textile production, the new process technology is able to produce ready-to-use upholstery material with no offcuts.

The 3D knit fabric, both in the seat and in the backrest, is such that it partially permits different degrees of rigidity while also offering unique elasticity that perfectly balances out pressure. The pleasant feel and good ventilation provided by systematically positioned recesses in the material are just one more factor that supports the use of this fabric.Alternatively, fabric or leather cover materials are also available. The integrated lumbar support in all swivel chair models is one more part of the manufacturer's ergonomic philosophy.

Dynamic & ergonomic

The Vote® swivel chair adjusts itself to the sitter in every way; the combination of different elements and varied options ensure that the user is able to custom-tailor his personal swivel chair to a very high degree, thanks to its modular design. Moreover, as an essential part of any office furniture, the swivel chair has an impact on the overall office design: it appears reserved, rectilinear and elegant but at the same time it radiates self-confidence and creates an inviting atmosphere without pushing itself into the foreground.

VOTE® Partner - you are more powerful in a team. Vote® partner chairs are sturdy companions that support you in your daily work. The adjustable-height swivel solutions are available with castors, as cantilever chairs or as a stackable cantilever model, to suit the area of application.

Thanks to its varied options, VOTE® is an attractive chair family for use in office workplaces as a compact integral unit of a high technical standard.