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Press statement 2

In connection with the latest reports provided by the media, the Nowy Styl company would like to present the following statement.

The relationship between Jerzy Krzanowski, the co-owner of Nowy Styl Group, and Patrycja Z. is based only on friendship. The trip to one of the tourist destinations in the Sub-Carpathian region was, in fact, a social visit to the Jerzy Krzanowski's house, while the trip abroad to Dubai was just a holiday spent with family members and close friends. The Jerzy Krzanowski's private acquaintance with Patrycja Z. and the trips in which she took part have never been used to obtain any benefits for the company.

The Nowy Styl company has been operating in the Special Economic Zone in Jasło since 1998. The construction of the modern production plant at Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o. in Jasło was realised within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007–2013. The co-financing agreement concerning the investment was signed in 2009, which means that it was before Jerzy Krzanowski made the acquaintance of Patrycja Z. The construction of the factory was finished in 2015. The project was carried out in accordance with the regulations of law, which was confirmed by all the appropriate inspections.

We also would like to highlight that having a bank guarantee was not a condition for receiving a subsidy for the project. The bank guarantee was a guarantee for the State Treasury for the advance payment of PLN 20 million that had been granted for the project realisation. According to the provisions of the co-financing agreement, the company requested the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development for the bank guarantee exemption (at that time Patrycja Z. was not an employee of the institution). The condition for being exempt from the bank guarantee was to account for a particular investment stage. The company prepared appropriate settlement whose correctness was confirmed by an inspection body.

We strongly deny all reports stating that Jerzy Krzanowski has been presented with the charges concerning the so-called money laundering. We wish to stress the fact that after yesterday's questioning, Jerzy Krzanowski was released and sent back home.

The ensuing situation does not have any influence on the Nowy Styl Group's operational functioning. The activities our company undertakes are always based on the rules of transparency and lawfulness. We fulfil all orders on time and in accordance with the highest standards which are the indicators of the quality of the products manufactured by our brands.

Management Board of Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o.