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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.


Milan 2017: Joyfulness and imagination

Colourful sofas in informal meeting zones, acoustically isolated places for undisturbed work, furniture that can be adjusted to the individual needs of its users, canteens that look like cafes or a swing in a fun room – at the fair in Milan (4–9 April) Nowy Styl Group will show how to trigger employees' potential with the right interior arrangement.

The work style in an office is changing rapidly. In order to respond to the change, new interior arrangement concepts focused on people's needs (so-called anthropo-design) are coming into being. Employers are paying greater attention to employees' needs, since they know the success of their companies depends on their employees' creativity and efficiency. The organisers of the fair in Milan encourage exhibitors to show forward-thinking and present solutions adjusted to the modern workplace – the so-called workplace 3.0. How will Nowy Styl Group respond to this challenge?