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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.


Product responsibility

The objective and direction of our activities are summarised in our motto: "Delivering Variety". We have six product brands, making it possible to comprehensively fit out any private or public space. Our offer includes a wide range of products and services available across the globe. With our innovative technologies we are able to assist our customers by creating solutions dedicated to their specific needs.

We feel responsible for our product, which means we adhere to strict standards of product quality, durability, incombustibility and toxicity. The safety of our products has been confirmed by independent institutions. We constantly improve our technological capabilities and explore potential innovations. Our strategic flexibility enables us to adapt our offer to the individual needs of customers around the world.

Many things we do on a day-to-day basis prove our commitment to product liability:

  • we choose reliable suppliers who respect the concept of CSR;
  • we promote and educate in the concept of a ​​healthy workplace. We manufacture ergonomic chairs and furniture;
  • we make our products from certified fabrics;
  • we make chairs and furniture which cater to the needs of people from the so-called 'socially excluded' groups.
  • thanks to our modern technology we turn production waste into full-fledged components for end-products.