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As it is with most things in the world, chair design begins with an idea. What can become a designer's inspiration? For Martin Ballendat it was obviously ergonomics and comfort. The armchair is a perfect example of how top-grade design can be combined with functionality. With S-MOVE mechanism it offers its user biodynamic sitting and top comfort.

4 ME's characteristic feature is its unique backrest. The shape of backrest fastening is not only about interesting design - it is also an interesting functional element. The inner structure of the backrest makes it amazingly flexible so it follows every move of its user.

Now the product line has been supplemented with 4ME Mesh. We have also added few functional solutions: headrest, lumbar support and the new SELF mechanism. Now 4ME portfolio is much more comprehensive and meets the requirements of the professional market and our customers.

4ME swivel chairs can be complemented with 2ME visitor chairs, available as a cantilever model and a four-legged model. The chair will be a great complement to a conference room, office or meeting space.

Szczegółowe dane techniczne


Polyamide five star base in black or white, polished aluminum five star base (chromium version) and powder coated aluminum (alu metallic version).

The SELF mechanism with the S-MOVE system (SMV)

  • automatic adjustment to user weight (from 50 kg to 110 kg),
  • backrest inclination angle: 18°,
  • seat inclination angle: 4.5°,
  • inclination angle locked in 5 positions,
  • backrest and seat inclination ratio: 1:4,
  • Anti-Shock – the feature controls the backrest to avoid hitting a user’s back after the motion lever is released,
  • seat movement – pending,
  • BL and W indicate chair colours (plastic elements).

Epron Syncron Plus mechanism (ESP)

  • free floating seat and backrest,
  • dynamic backrest and synchro seat tilting at the rate 2:1,
  • backrest angle of 22° synchronised with the seat 11°,
  • possibility of backrest lock in 5 positions,
  • smoothly adjustable chair height (with pneumatic lift),
  • adjustable backrest tilt force (by crank),
  • seat depth adjustment – 6 cm (optional),
  • negative seat inclination 2° (optional),
  • Anti-Shock – the feature controls the backrest to avoid hitting a user’s back after the motion lever is released.

65 mm double-link castors for hard or soft floors, with load-controlled braking
ESH and ESHH (with rubber band),
ESHR and ESHHR (with rubber band) – ring castors.

Seat and backrest
Seat – structure made from 7-layer beech plywood (thickness 10.5 mm) covered with 2-layer foam (density 40 kg / m3, with increased flexibility 70%, thickness 20 mm and density 35 kg / m3, thickness 10 mm). Seat casing made from TPE, black or white.

SOFT SEAT is 4 centimeters thick and consists of two layers:

  • The upper layer made of 3 cm thick foam of density: 35 kg/m3, (provides the user with the feeling of soft seat while seating),
  • The lower layer made of 1 cm thick foam of density: 40 kg/m3, (provides the user with seating comfort while longer using, eliminates the effect of feeling the underneath plywood).

Standard seat is still available, as it used to be, without any changes, thickness – 3 cm:

  • The upper layer 1cm thick (density as above)

The lower layer 2 cm thick (density as above)

Backrest – structure made from plastic mix (PP and TPE) covered with foam (density 25 kg / m3, thickness 20 mm – front and 6 mm – back).
Backrest height adjustment – adjustment range of 60 mm. Backrest dimensions – height 540 mm, width 435 mm.

4-D, 2-D adjustable or fixed.
Fixed armrests made from PA + GF, pads made from TPE.
2-D and 4-D adjustable armrests – carcass made from PA + GF, pad carcass made from PP + TC (polypropylene + talc), pad made from TPE.
2-D (black) or 2-D (alu coloured / white) with soft black TPE armpads. Adjustment range: height 100 mm, width adjustment 40 mm.
4-D (black) or 4-D (alu coloured / white) with soft black TPE armpads. Adjustment range: height 100 mm, width adjustment 40 mm, pad rotation ± 30°, pad adjustment front-back: 50 mm.
Fixed armrests: black armrests with soft black TPE armpads or white armrests with soft black TPE armpads.

Certificates and awards
GS Safety Certificate
Remodex durability certificate
Quality Office certified.

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