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The BELITE chair is distinguished by its decisive, uncompromising lines. The boldness of the design by Oscar Buffon is not, however merely a question of shape. It is also the selection of the highest quality materials. Thanks to the nature of the materials used in its construction, BELITE simply shines making it hard to ignore. It is the choice of people who look with disdain upon the mediocre. The oval shapes and light appearance are not all this chair has to offer. It is also easy to fall in love with the comfort that Belite guarantees. Sitting down can be a greater pleasure than you think.

Szczegółowe dane techniczne


Five star polished aluminum base (chromium version), ALU (RAL9006) powder coated or black polyamide.

Synchronous mechanism

  • synchronous tilting of backrest and seat with tilt range 10° for the seat and 20° for the backrest,
  • possibility of backrest lock in 6 positions,
  • precise and continuous backrest tilt force adjustment from 45 kg to 110 kg,
  • seat depth adjustment range approx. 63 mm,
  • independent adjustment of seat tilt reverse to the backrest, adjustment range 3°,
  • chair height adjustable with a gas lift,
  • Anti-Shock – the feature controls the backrest to avoid hitting a user’s back.

double-link castors for hard or soft floors Ø 65 mm, with load-controlled braking
mechanism. Optionally the castors can be chromium plated or white. Castors conform to standard EN-12529.

Seat, backrest and headrest
Seat – fully upholstered – structure made of 8-layer beech plywood (thickness 11.5 mm), covered with injected foam (density 21 kg / m3, thickness 15 mm). Glossy plastic ABS seat casing in black or white.
Backrest – fully upholstered – structure made of 8-layer beech plywood (thickness 11.5 mm), covered with injected foam. Backrest can be fitted with lumbar support cushion adjustment system. Adjustment options: cushion height range approx. 45 mm, bulge range approx. 15 mm. Glossy plastic ABS backrest casing in black or white.
Headrest – structure made of 6–layer beech plywood (thickness 8.5 mm) covered with injected foam. Glossy plastic ABS headrest casing in black or white.

3-D adjustable armrests with adjustable pads. Metal elements chromium plated (galvanic coating), integrated with polyamide, glass fibre reinforced carcass, with polyurethane pad. Height adjustable armrests made entirely from PA + GF. Pads can be white, black or upholstered with artificial leather.

  • height adjustable armrests with PP pads in black or white (artificial leather upholstered pads also available). Adjustment range: 80 mm.
  • 3-D adjustable armrests with PU pads. Adjustment range: height 80 mm, pad rotation ± 30°, pad adjustment front-back: 60 mm.

Artificial leather upholstered pads available only for armrests with height adjustment.

Certificates and awards
GS Safety Certificate
Remodex durability certificate
Ergonomic Assessment Report by Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine.

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