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Zone sofa

With its simple and classical lines the Zone makes reference to the finest traditions of design. It does not dominate the interior but complements and enlivens it subtly, giving it an individual character. Both the armchair and the sofa correspond with the Zen chair, together they make for a great arrangement. The combination evokes an atmosphere of openness, calmness and harmony. Zone sofas offer an excellent proportions of lightness to comfort. The simple form and stable structure provide a sense of luxury and safety. Just take a seat and you will be taken to the comfort zone.

Zone sofa

2-seater sofa with wooden armrests. Seat and back fully upholstered. Armchair frame made entirely of chrome circular tubing. Construction of the seat and back ensures comfort thanks to a high density and thickness of foam. Large selection of finishes as well as design make the chair suitable for all office spaces, and more.

When upholstered in leather, stitching is visible in the centre of the seat and back pad.

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