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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.



As we keep developing, the Nowy Styl Group keeps in mind all of its stakeholders. When building our development strategy for foreign markets we always adapt ourselves to the local specificity and hire local workforce.

Our success gives us a sense of responsibility for our social and business environment. In our development we observe the "think globally – act locally" policy. We are aware that building a strong regional economy is in the best interest of the local community. We are therefore fully committed to the strategy of integrating economic and social development at the local level.

Care for the natural environment is also one of our top priorities. To confirm that, we keep obtaining more and more certificates, we modernize our production process and we gradually reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainable development is what we want to be driven by.

This is what defines us

The mission of the Nowy Styl Group is to deliver end-to-end furniture solutions ensuring work comfort and ergonomics. We work to carefully listen to our customers and respond to their individual needs while improving their life quality.

One of our business objectives is to have an established market position. The key to achieving that goal is to build relationships with people, create great products and minimise the negative impact on the natural environment. That is why we have chosen to base our business on three pillars: