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Nowy Styl Group Technology

The Nowy Styl Group has its own tool shop, Design and Implementation Centre and a modern, largely digitally controlled machine park for the processing of wood and metal and the treatment of synthetic materials. This is how nearly all the subassemblies necessary for the production of chairs originate in partner companies belonging to the firm.

In all of the Nowy Styl Group plants production takes place in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System. In most plants, a system of environmental management has been introduced based on ISO 14 001 standards.

Nowy Styl Group's potential for development is confirmed by the investment we started in Poland: construction of one of the most modern office furniture factories in Europe, co-financed from European Regional Development Fund, which is scheduled to complete in 2014.


A strong team of people prepare the tools needed by the plants which manufacture the Group’s furniture and chairs, as well as for special orders. Production encompasses tools of various degrees of complexity, dimensions and weight. To create them, we use modern stations for spatial modelling and design, and also digitalization and 3D surface reconstruction. Every year, the plant prepares over 30 injection moulds and over 250 presses and cutters, as well as welding and drilling tools according to the needs of other members of the Nowy Styl Group.


The production of bent and glued elements and solid wood takes place in digitalny controlled, multi-axis processing centres that provide for almost unlimited modeling possibilities. Elements of varying degrees of complexity are formed, intended for products of the Nowy Styl Group and for the completion of special projects. The Nowy Styl Group belongs to a small group of producers offering veneers in all three quality classes. The company also has an automated varnishing line.

The plant’s production potential and quality control at every stage of wood processing guarantee the consistently high quality of products and diligence in executing even very large orders.


Large and small metal elements for furniture and chairs are produced in the metalprocessing plant. The company has at its disposal presses from 10 to 400 tonnes, automated welding, soldering, bending and planning stations, as well as other highly specialized stations (for example, a fully automated polishing robot). Computer-controlled galvanization processes (3 chromium plating lines) and varnishing guarantee the optimal adhesion of the chrome and varnish coating. This is why the metal elements are highly resistant to scratching and have a long-lasting aesthetic appearance.

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Metalworking use extremely precise FIBER laser technology. See how we cut metal parts for our products.


In production from elements made of synthetic materials, we use the latest solutions and techniques, allowing us to lower the manufacturing costs - for example, by using a method of gas injection and also the use of regranulate from recycling. The elements produced are subjected to thorough inspection in the factory research laboratory, with regards to the parameters of plasticity and durability. With a wealth of experience in colouring elements, the Nowy Styl Group offers them at the request of the contracting party – in the full RAL colour palette.


The Nowy Styl Group has machines for processing furniture boards: panel ripsaws for cutting the boards, veneer machines for one- and two-sided narrow surfaces (PVC and ABS 0.5-3 mm edgebanding), CNC machines for milling, drilling and curved-line veneering. We also have at our disposal a department for manufacturing veneer elements with natural veneers with a varnishing room. Construction elements from leading producers are used in the products we manufacture (desks, cabinets, accessories and others). By request of the contracting party, they can be selected according to individual requirements.


The company upholsterers skillfully combine a craftsman’s precision with the requirements of large scale production. Thanks to many years’ experience of working with high quality fabrics of varying weaves and the highest quality leathers, microfibre and mesh fabrics, they have the ability to realize diverse orders, including those using non-standard materials provided by the client.

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Modern technologies offer many possibilities. See how WE personalize products on request of OUR customers.

Panel Parquet

Production of engineered hardwood flooring takes place in a modern factory where, thanks to the use of the latest generation of technology, product of the highest quality are made. The certificates ISO 14001, ISO 9001, FSC, CE, M1 that we possess allow us to sell our products all over the world. A high technological level has been achieved thanks to the use of machines from the best manufacturers in the industry (Burkle, Homag, Hesseman) Precision laser measurements, careful selection of wood and scrupulous quality control at every stage of the production process allow us to achieve the highest world standards.